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Great TutorsOur tutors will take your students on a magical journey through Spanish and all our other languages.

Continuous AssessmentMonitor our continuous assessment of your students through a fully customized dashboard.

Step by Step ScaffoldingOur unique blend of tutor explanations and targeted practice is designed to deliver real results.

Synched Across DevicesYour students can follow the entire program on their desktops or any mobile device.

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Asked Questions

How do I monitor progress? A dashboard gives you full control of each license, how much time each has login has spent using the program as well as all assessment results.

Is there a test?The program is continuously assessing each user’s performance. The results are visible in each student’s profile and on the general dashboard.

Is there a license?The program’s monitoring abilities, all synching features that allow for bookmarking across devices, the storing and comparison features of the assessment functions, access to the online version of the program, and upgrades related to new and changing operating system, remain valid for two years after purchase. After the installed program will continue to work but none of the additional features requiring extensive online support will enabled.

For what ages is the program designed?The program has been designed for the learning capabilities of teens starting at 7th grade.

and Assessment

Our Administrator dashboard gives you complete control over each license. As each student embarks on a course of study you will be able to see how, when, and for long they've actively engaged with the program. You can follow their progress by tracking our continuous assessments. These focus on how challenging the program becomes for the student at any one time, and compares day to day performance between different sessions.

The Administrator tool can be activated from any location in the world, allowing for a careful tracking of the course of study being followed whether you are near or far from your students.

Fluenz vs. Rosetta Stone by CALICO Journal

Journal of the Computer Assisted Language Intruction Consortium

Ratings from the journal's evaluation of offline version of
Rosetta Stone Portuguese 1, 2, 3 TOTAL and of Fluenz Mandarin 1+2+3

Victor Dias De Oliveira Santos, Iowa State University.
“Software Review: Fluenz Mandarin, Levels 1&2 with Supplemental Audio CDs and Podcasts”
©2013 CALICO Journal , 30(1)

Fluenz Spanish (LA)

  • LEVEL 1
  • LEVEL 2
  • LEVEL 3
  • LEVEL 4
  • LEVEL 5

    Master the basics and gain the ability to navigate through a new country or city.

      Real-world situations you'll engage in:

    • Going out to eat and for entertainment
    • Shopping and monetary transactions
    • Navigating airports and train stations
    • Taking buses and communicating with taxi drivers
    • Making hotel reservations and other travel arrangements

      Foundational topics covered:

    • Constructing sentences using present and future tense verbs
    • Issuing commands
    • Forming questions
    • Masculine and feminine noun genders Adjectives
    • Pronouns and possessives
    • Counting up to 999,999 and expressing time

    Spanish 1 has been designed to prepare you for the most important and common situations you'll face in the spanish-speaking world. At the same time, you'll develop a strong foundation in how the language actually works, allowing you to go beyond simple stock phrases to actually building sentences yourself. This is a serious introduction to the language.

    Right from the start you'll begin working with powerful structures and key vocabulary so that you can build useful spanish sentences. After only a few sessions, you'll already be having meaningful interactions in a restaurant, and soon you'll be shopping, making plans with friends, getting around a city, going out for entertainment, and making travel arrangements with confidence.

    You'll build upon these skills through practice with key verbs and adjectives so that you can express your needs and desires in diverse situations with considerable detail. As you learn how to use possessives, pronouns, and form future tense sentences, you'll expand your range of communication while adding an important level of depth to your interactions. Further work on location along with important commands will round out your introduction to the spanish language, leaving you well-prepared to dive into your experiences in the spanish-speaking world.

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