The Spanish Immersion

Join an exclusive group of participants for a unique Spanish Immersion program at a magnificent mansion in Mexico City.

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'Luxurious Spanish'

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The Best Spanish Immersion Program

The Spanish Transformation

Inspired by elite training centers for Olympic athletes, we’ve designed the most intense one-on-one Spanish coaching program anywhere.

An Amazing Experience

No other immersion in the world matches our dedication to boutique lodging, butler service, private yoga, and perfect food.

The Fluenz Difference

Over a decade of work with clients at the UN, Google, the Army Futures Command and the Navy Special Warfare Command.

Mexico City
Like Never Before

A Great House

It all begins at our beautifully restored mansions in Mexico City’s best neighborhoods. Run by a premier boutique hotel chain, we take over entire houses to create the perfect environment for our Spanish immersion programs for adults.

The Spanish Immersion Program

The six day/seven nights immersion with our elite coaches combines group and intense one-on-one sessions, rigorous hour by hour assessments, recovery time, really good yoga, and great food made with local ingredients and health in mind.

Memorable Evenings In Mexico City

In the evenings we’ll host you in some of the city’s best restaurants (and impossible reservations), take you on exclusive art tours and bring some of the citys sharpest minds for private talks. You’ll experience Mexico City like never before.

Speak Spanish Like Never Before

Your driver will pick you up at the airport and we’ll take it from there. Seven days later, you won’t believe your level of fluency. The fastest way to learn Spanish starts right here.


Sonia Gil, Fluenz founder

The Comprehensive Road-Map to Spanish Fluency

Because every program is individualized, we accept absolute beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners.

The Assessment

Every participant’s learning style and level of Spanish is assessed before arrival, and a long-term road-map to fluency is created based on each person’s objectives and strengths.

Fluenz Digital

Participants have the option of getting ready for the Immersion with lifetime access to our comprehensive digital platform, including hundreds of video tutorials and thousands of workouts.

Fluenz Immersion

The intensity and focus of the one-week Immersion deliver a qualitative jump in every participant’s Spanish. Currently one in five participants is back from a prior week.

Online Immersion

After the on-site Immersion participants continue working with our live coaching online. It’s the same program with a great deal of flexibility to accommodate each participant’s schedule.

Immersions Gallery Open

Boutique Lodging. Gourmet Food. Amazing Mexico City.

  • A restored Spanish Colonial mansion in the chic Polanco district of Mexico City has been reserved for your entire stay. The program includes seven nights' accommodation.
  • Each participant stays in their own suite (master suites with bathtub and terrace are available with a Room Complement). Double occupancy is also available.
  • The Fluenz Immersion includes seven breakfasts and five lunches made with local ingredients and health in mind (vegetarian, pescatarian, and vegan options available).
  • We host a dinner at one of Mexico's top restaurants. Our private chef offers her unique interpretation of Mexican comfort food at breakfast and lunch.
  • All Mexico City airport pickups and transfers with a private driver.


The Fluenz Immersion program has a fee of $5,320 for double occupancy (each participant) and $5,720 for single occupancy in a private suite.

Fees include:

  • All coaching and materials throughout the six days.
  • A seven-course dinner with wines at the Chef's table of world-renowned Pujol restaurant.
  • Private driver pick-up and drop-off at airport. Driver will be right outside Customs.
  • Seven nights accommodation at a suite in our boutique hotel.
  • Seven breakfasts and five lunches prepared by a private Chef (vegan, vegetarian, lactose and gluten-free, and pescatarian options available).
  • Butler service throughout the day.
  • A private night-time visit to the National Museum of Anthropology.
  • A visit to Frida Kahlo's home in Coyoacán.

  • Exclusive talks by two of Mexico's leading literary and cultural figures, catered with top wines, a mezcal tasting, and finger food.
  • A series of informal immersion events to practice Spanish throughout the week.
  • Yoga and Mindfulness sessions by a private Yoga teacher.
  • Exclusive 24/7 luxury concierge service for access to Mexico City's top restaurants, local experts, art venues, and architectural landmarks.
  • Personalized Spanish assessment and a custom-made road-map of work prior to the Immersion.
  • Life-time access to the comprehensive Fluenz Spanish Digital program ($378 value).

-- Master-suites with bathtub and terrace (for seven nights) are available with a Complement of $1,517.

-- Non-participating companions/spouses are welcome for a fee of $1090.

-- Upgrade from guranteed one-on-one coaching sessions for half of all learning, to one-on-one coaching for the entire week, for a fee of $980.

The companion fee includes access to all activites other than language-learning sessions, including the seven-course dinner with wines at the Chef's table of world-renowned Pujol restaurant, all day-time meals, and transportation and tickets to all visits, participation in all Yoga sessions as well as the catered private talk. The fee also includes 24/7 luxury concierge service for access to Mexico City's top restaurants, local experts, and art and architectural venues. The concierge services is available prior to arrival for those interested in planning ahead of their visit to Mexico City.

Chapultepec Park and Polanco District of Mexico City

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A Great Coach Is Transformational


PhD candidate in Philosophy of Language, The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, three languages.


Daniel, BS in Materials Engineering, three-time Latin Grammy-winning musician, three languages.


MA in Education, Universitat de Barcelona, four languages.


MBA, Queensland University of Technology, five languages.


PhD candidate in Religious Studies, Columbia University, former monk, four languages.


Simultaneous Interpreter and Translator, three languages.


MA Philosophy of the Mind, University of Edingburgh, four languages.


Simultaneous Interpreter and Translator, songwriter, four languages.

Most Spanish language teachers end up teaching their native language by default. For a few, teaching Spanish is a true vocation. We’ve recruited all over the Spanish-speaking world to find uniquely talented individuals who love teaching, understand the workings of Spanish like no one else, and can explain the language in perfect English. Most of them speak three or more languages, have advanced degrees and come from as far away as Barcelona to be in Mexico City to make a difference to your learning.

Mindfulness for Fluency during our 2017 cohort.

Mindfulness and Yoga to Learn Spanish

Created for Fluenz by Heidi Kusters, Mindfulness for Fluency clears the mind’s clutter and overstimulation to sharpen your focus on Spanish. Sessions combine still and movement meditation every day of the Spanish Immersion.

Taking a cue from mindfulness-based Tennis Psychology and practitioners like Tom Brady, we work with you to achieve perfect flow as you absorb Spanish on your way to peak fluency.

Mexico City’s Magical Moment

Years of urban renewal have brought pedestrian friendly avenues, bike lanes, and much safer neighborhoods full of bookstores and cafes. The New York Times calls the city "more cosmopolitan than ever", proposing the "Mexican capital is primed to bewitch and baffle, challenge and enchant."

Beyond the recent changes, it's impossible to forget what makes Mexico the capital of Spanish-speaking Latin America: the Archeology Museum, Rivera’s and Orozco’s murals, Frida Kahlo’s house, its millenarian markets, and most importantly, 20 million Mexicans who have made the place a vibrant meeting place of contrasts, languages and cultures for 693 years.

There is no better place in the world to experience the excitement of living, breathing Spanish culture and language.

Fluenz Spanish 1+2+3+4+5

The Fluenz Spanish 1+2+3+4+5 digital program will be activated after you confirm your reservation.

The program will walk you through Spanish every step of the way with hundreds of video explanations by Sonia, as well as thousands of exercises designed to help you internalize the material.

You can seamlessly jump on and off your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and iPad as you work on your Spanish.

Fluenz Spanish retails for $378.

Fluenz, a Legacy
Of Results Since 2007

Founded by Sonia Gil, Fluenz offers the most comprehensive language-learning programs designed for English-Speakers anywhere. The company’s work is based on the proprietary linguistic models that reverse-engineer Spanish and other languages from the point of view of English.

The single most important factor to reach verbal fluency in Spanish is an understanding of the structures that sustain the language--its bones. Because so many of these elements are not intuitively recognizable to English-speakers, (i.e. feminine-masculine endings, complex conjugations, etc.) we are laser-focused on helping clients bridge this divide. We believe this lack of comparative approach is the single most important obstacle for English speakers trying to reach verbal fluency in Spanish.

The Fluenz approach breaks down Spanish into discrete elements that are best understood when explained in English - rather than the traditional approach based on generic practice after explanations of Spanish in Spanish. Once clearly understood, the elements that make up Spanish are best mastered through intense sessions of targeted practice.

Our high-impact sessions are tightly focused on getting clients to master the specific elements our assessment has shown can generate a breakthrough in their specific verbal fluency. We’ve eliminated random vocabulary and general conversation from learning in order to focus every single coaching hour into the specific and quantifiable linguistic tools that produce results.

After spending millions of dollars over a decade recreating an essentially human tutoring experience on an interactive platform, Fluenz Immersion brings this knowledge to one-on-one language instruction. Taking into account the learning experiences of over 160,000 clients and millions of hours of learning, we’ve created a personalized, high-impact training program to create breakthroughs for the Spanish of only 12 clients at a time.


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