Journey in Mexico

Join teachers Adriene Mishler and Sonia Gil for six days of yoga, meditation, Spanish learning, culture, and the ultimate foodie experience with an intimate group of 23 participants.

** Both our May weeks are sold out. We will keep your email and contact you again when we organize something similar in the future. **

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An invitation. A curation. A collaboration.

Come join us.

The world is changing and with it, our ideas of what it means to nourish and connect to ourselves and others are shifting too. What feels good today may not be what feels good tomorrow. With the pace of modern day society and all of its demands, it is important for us to take time not to un-plug and disconnect, but rather plug in, focus inward and learn how to be present each and every day. Designed by two female entrepreneurs leading new ways of practice and learning in their fields, we invite you to join us for this special week of connectivity, creativity, and language learning in Mexico City. This week will meet you wherever you are on your path. Whether you need community, solitude, exploration, or a space to practice, learn, process and rest, each moment of this immersion is custom-designed to guide you, support you, and nourish you in the best possible way.

A week of New Connections

What to expect in May 2020


Yoga classes and experiences designed to teach Yoga as a full philosophy and principle, not just asana. (Though you will get your asana on too!) Learn how to experience and apply yoga both on and off the mat through meditation, art, food, and flow. Wake up to a beautiful place and see new connections everywhere.


Imagine learning Spanish like you never thought possible. Our patient, caring, and intense one-on-one sessions, as well as our very small groups, will take you to a new level of connection to the world. Our personalized learning is ideal for those who know very little as well as for those seeking advanced conversation.


Experience Mexico City through the lens of art, history, culture, and great food. Connect your language-learning and yoga practice to cultural experiences like an evening gathering with leading cultural critics, a private dinner party at Pujol, day-trips to Frida Kahlo’s home and other architectural landmarks, as well as an unforgettable after-hours visit to the Anthropology Museum.


It all begins at our beautifully restored 1950s house in one of Mexico City’s greenest neighborhoods. Run as a great boutique hotel, we literally take over the house to create a beautiful environment for our exploration of ourselves through Yoga, Mindfulness, Spanish, and cultural and foodie experiences.

Regina, our amazing chef, will take care of us throughout the week with healthy wholesome meals (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, pescatarian options available). The expansive rooms, roof-garden and countless nooks throughout the former mansion will make for a transformative experience in Mexico City.


The most intense, caring, and mind-opening Spanish coaching anywhere. Conde Nast calls it "the coolest way to learn a language."

The Spanish Experience, step by step

The first step, a few weeks before you arrive in Mexico, will be a brief assessment to understand your learning style, your prior experience of Spanish, and to be able to determine some realistic goals for you.

By the time you arrive we'll have a personalized plan specifically designed to help you achieve your objectives. Our great coaches will work with you, one-on-one and in small groups, to get you to the next stage in your Spanish.

Spanish beginners are very welcome. If you’ve never studied Spanish before, our unique map through Spanish for English speakers, and our English-speaking coaches, will provide the best possible introduction to this wonderful language. If you're intermediate or advanced, our coaches and unique methods will help you reach the next level.

Fluenz Spanish 1+2+3+4+5

The Fluenz Spanish 1+2+3+4+5 digital program will be activated after you confirm your reservation.

The program will walk you through Spanish every step of the way with hundreds of video explanations by Sonia, as well as thousands of exercises designed to help you internalize the material.

You can seamlessly jump on and off your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and iPad as you work on your Spanish.

Fluenz Spanish retails for $378.

Yoga & Spanish Journey Fees

All accommodation options include:

  • All Spanish coaching and materials throughout the six days.
  • All Yoga, mindfulness, and other FWFG guided activities throughout the six days.
  • A seven-course dinner with wines at the Chef's table of world-renowned Pujol restaurant.
  • Private driver pick-up and drop-off at airport. Driver will be right outside Customs.
  • Seven nights accommodation at our boutique hotel.
  • Seven breakfasts and five lunches prepared by a private Chef (vegan, vegetarian, lactose and gluten-free, and pescatarian options available).
  • Butler service throughout the day.
  • A private night-time visit to the National Museum of Anthropology.

  • A visit to Frida Kahlo's home in Coyoacán
  • Exclusive talks by Mexico's leading literary and cultural figures, catered a mezcal tasting, and finger food.
  • A series of informal immersion events to practice Spanish throughout the week.
  • Exclusive 24/7 luxury concierge service for access to Mexico City's top restaurants, local experts, art venues, and architectural landmarks.
  • Personalized Spanish assessment and a custom-made road-map of work prior to the Immersion.
  • Life-time access to the comprehensive Fluenz Spanish Digital program ($378 value).

All-inclusive program fees for six days and seven nights vary by level of accommodation (There is limited availability for each of these options at the mansion in Mexico City. Reservations will be accepted as they are confirmed by guests on a first come, first served basis):

- Double occupancy, Standard guest room, US $4,900 per participant.

- Single occupancy, Standard guest room, US $5,350.

- Double occupancy, Suite level room, US $5,350 per participant.

- Single occupancy, Suite level room, US $5,800.

- Single occupancy, Master Suite level room, US $6,200.

Roommates: We only have a few rooms with double beds, and will try to pair participants interested in double occupancy. Please write us as soon as possible so that we can add you to the pool of those interested.

Chapultepec Park and Polanco District of Mexico City

May 10 - May 17

Sold Out
May 10 - May 17

May 17 - May 24

Sold Out
May 17 - May 24




Can I have a sense for the week's schedule? How much Spanish and how much Yoga?

Every day between Monday and Saturday begins between 6:00 and 7:00 AM with self-guided meditation, yoga, or a sound bath. By 8:00 AM everyone is invited to breakfast in the dining room. Morning sessions from 9:00 AM to noon vary from day to day. Some guests go to Spanish sessions, some venture out on guided explorations of the city, and some work on FWFG guided assignments. By week's end every guest will have accomplished the same amount of Spanish work, spent the same amount of time with Adriene, and visited the same locations.

By noon from Monday through Friday everyone in the program, including all guests and teachers, gathers in the dining room for a delicious lunch. Afternoon sessions Monday through Friday begin at 2:00 PM. Some guests have Spanish, some work on FWFG guided assignments, and some go out on guided visits.

Our evening programming offers a special window into Mexico. Some evenings we gather to hear local intellectuals accompanied by mezcal tastings and finger food. We visit North America's #1 restaurant Pujol, where the chef's table has been reserved for us on two evenings to guarantee a cozy, once-in-a-lifetime experience for all. We visit the National Museum of Anthropology in the evening after closing hours for a night at the museum.

On Saturday the week comes to an end with a yoga and meditation session led by Adriene.

How much are Adriene and Sonia actually involved?

This unique immersion is a total collaboration designed and curated by Adriene and Sonia, who met in 2018. They will lead an incredible group of language and yoga teachers and be personally involved in leading several sessions each. They will be present in several of the week's activities, will host dinner at the Chef’s Table in Pujol on Wednesday night, and will participate in many meals throughout the week.

Should I worry about Safety in Mexico City?

We've chosen to host the event at the Pug Seal Edgar Allan Poe Hotel in the Polanco district of Mexico City because of comfort and safety. Polanco is the most cosmopolitan and modern neighborhood in the city, originally the heart of Mexico's Jewish and Spanish immigrant communities. The city's Madison Avenue, Avenida Masaryk, is half a block away and the centerpiece of a decade-old urban renewal effort spearheaded by the city government. Walking distance from the hotel you can eat at Mexico's top two restaurants, ranked among the 50 top worldwide, as well as many other options both gourmet and fun.

The bottom line is that Mexico is a large city, and like any other big urban center, it can be dangerous. The neighborhood where you'll stay and those we visit are among the safest in the city and have a substantial police presence because tourism is a priority for the local and national governments. We follow the US Embassy's recommendations on the subject, as do tens of thousands of US expats who happily live in Mexico City.

Will the yoga asana classes be all levels?

All yoga classes and experiences will be considerate of the student’s journey. Adriene’s sessions are designed for all levels and suited to the needs of the practitioner. We will also offer bilingual classes some mornings as well as self-guided Vipassana time, or quiet seated meditation time, in the mornings.

What is Fluenz Spanish?

Fluenz is the language-learning project founded by Sonia Gil over 10 years ago. Over the years the company has released critically acclaimed digital programs to learn Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, and French. In 2017 Sonia founded the Fluenz Spanish Immersions, which Conde Nast Traveler calls "the coolest way to learn a language." Currently offered in Mexico City, the Fluenz Spanish Immersions are the most intense one-week programs to learn the language anywhere. Fluenz Spanish 1+2+3+4+5, the comprehensive digital program to learn Spanish, is included for every guest at the Yoga & Spanish Journey and is activated upon confirmation of a reservation.

What is Converza?

Converza is the Miami-based travel company that runs and operates the Yoga and Spanish Journey and the Fluenz Spanish Immersions in Mexico City.

Where exactly do we stay in Mexico City?

The Journey will take place at the Pug Seal Edgar Allan Poe Hotel in the Polanco District of Mexico City. Guests stay in suite level rooms or above. Many of the week's activities and all breakfasts and lunches will take place there. Other activities will take place at the sister hotels Pug Seal Anatole France and Pug Sean Tennyson a few blocks away.

How much Spanish will I learn as a beginner?

Your beginner Spanish will make a substantial leap in the six-day program. You will be able to ask many questions and understand some of the answers. And you will be able to ask people to rephrase their answers in order to get them to speak phrases that you actually understand. Will you be absolutely fluent in Spanish after six days? We're afraid that would be impossible, but the week would be a rock-solid beginning to your Spanish journey. Our expectation is that you would have enough fluency and momentum to make substantial improvements on your own with the Fluenz Digital program or with our Fluenz Live program of remote live-coaching.

How will you create my own Spanish program?

We'll assess your language skills to find out about your learning style as well as how much, or how little, Spanish you may have studied in the past. If you already have an intermediate or advanced level of Spanish, we will conduct a more thorough assessment to create a program that fits to your needs.

What is your cancellation policy?

The confirmation deposit (25% of program fee) secures your reservation and is fully refundable up to 48 hours after booking. After 48 hours the deposit becomes a partial payment of the program fees and is subject to the general cancellation policy. Final payment of program fees (the remaining 75%) is required 90 days before the start of the program. Cancellations 90 days or less before the start of the program will be partially refunded as follows: 50% of total fees paid refunded up to 90 days before the start of the program; and 25% of total fees paid refunded up to 30 days before the start of the program. There can be no refund after 29 days before the program starts. All programs officially begin the Sunday designed for arrival.

Exceptions to our cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason, including weather, terrorism, civil unrest, or personal emergencies. There is no refund for arriving late or leaving a trip early. All charges related to the program are considered to be its total cost and are subject to cancellation fees.

After I make the deposit, when will I have to pay the remainder of my fees?

The remainder of the fees must be paid 90 days before the start of the program.

What do I need to bring?

We provide all materials, mats, and anything you might need to participate EXCEPT A LAPTOP OR A TABLET you can type on, which is required to follow your Spanish lessons.

Adriene & Sonia

For over a decade Adriene Mishler and Sonia Gil devoted themselves to helping others wake up to the world of possibilities around us. Adriene has inspired the world with her yoga practice while Sonia's teaching has changed the way hundreds of thousands are learning Spanish today.

Now, they come together under one beautiful roof in Mexico City to have some fun, to bridge worlds, and go deeper.

We hope you will join us.