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    Fluenz App

    On your phone, laptop, or tablet, we'll take you to fluency with hundreds of video-tutorials and tens of thousands of workouts.

    Every moment of learning has been carefully calibrated to help you master the language.

    Why Fluenz

    Learning a language is hard. Games, fads, or free Apps can't get you there. Fluenz is the real alternative.

    We've invested millions of dollars to find just the right sequence, timing, and explanation you will need.


    We're the only digital company that engages its learners face to face at our Immersions all over the world.

    We can't hide behind the screen, and instead deliver results for our participants every single day.


    1. Great video-tutors lead you every step of the way.

    2. Beautifully inspiring interfaces keep you engaged.

    3. You are in control to skip, go back, or do over again.

    4. Audio materials, Flashcards & Community included.

    5. One time payment, for a lifetime of learning.

    Our Dashboard takes you to hundreds of video-tutorials

    A unique program reflecting the culture of each language

    Tens of thousands of beautiful workouts that keep you in control

    “Reach New

    “Kick your Spanish into
    high gear”

    “Master Spanish
    in Mexico”


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    Founder Sonia Gil and her teams have worked with hundreds of thousands of learners online, and face to face, to deliver our promise: Every moment of learning, every sequence, every word you learn, has been carefully calibrated to address the unique challenge English-speakers face when learning a language. That is what powers Fluenz.

    From our multi-device App to the global Immersions,
    we have spent 15 years creating the most comprehensive
    language journey in the world.

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