1. Exit Fluenz.

2. Open System Preferences.

3. Double Click on Network.

4. Select your active internet connection (indicated by the green dot).

5. Double click on Advanced.

6. On the top menu, click on the DNS tab.

7. Click on the + symbol to add DNS server:

8. Click on the + symbol again to add another DNS server:

9. Click on OK.

10. Click on Apply.

11. Now re-open Fluenz and log-in.

1. Exit Fluenz

2. Right click the Start menu and select Network Connections.

3. Click on the connection type. In our example below, this is Wi-Fi. Then click on Network and Sharing Center.

4. Click on your network connection.

5. Click on the Properties button to view your connection properties.

6. Click once on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) to highlight it. Then, click on the Properties button again.

7. Select Use the following DNS server addresses and add these two servers: and, in the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server fields.

8. Click OK, then Close, then Close again.

9. Now re-open Fluenz and log-in.