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The Serious Approach to Learn European Spanish.

“Fluenz trumps Rosetta Stone”

The Associated Press


"Fluenz is the top choice by all means"

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"Best product out there"

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Learn Spanish the Right Way

The richness and flavor of the Spanish spoken in Spain can’t possibly be conveyed by the game-like picture-and-word-matching methods of programs like Rosetta Stone or Babble. Instead, a native speaker needs to guide learners every step of the way through the subtleties and structures of Castilian Spanish. Our users at Google, Apple, Harvard and the UN appreciate the value of our unique approach. It’s also why the Navy’s Special Warfare Command has been using Fluenz Spanish for almost a decade now.

Sonia Gil, Fluenz founder

Why Fluenz Spanish

Three Reasons to Learn European Spanish with Fluenz.

1. A Real Teacher

Fluenz Spanish is the only program containing hundreds of video-explanations of the language as it is spoken in Spain specifically created for English-speakers...

2. Comprehensive Approach

While practicing with YouTube videos, PDFs from bloggers and following Slow News can always be helpful, getting to fluency in Spanish from Spain will take a lot more than that...

3. Proven Success

The widely praised premium Spanish program, Fluenz has delivered for over one hundred thousand learners since its launch....

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Fluenz Spanish

A detailed explanation of what we do.


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Learn Spanish from Spain, On Every Device

The complete Fluenz program with its hundreds of original video tutorials, its large workout platform, and the assessment tool are available on every device. Users can jump off and on the program at any time and pick up on any device right where they left off. Fluenz Spanish from Spain on desktop and laptop, installed or streamed, and on iPhone, Android phone and iPad.

Install the Fluenz Spanish Apps on your desktop or laptop, including every single video tutorial and workout, right on your computer, iPhone, iPad, and Android phone.

The Fluenz Tour.

Real Fluenz Learners

Rigorous and no nonsense way to learn Spanish. Get ready to work hard and you will learn.

Ajay Singhon

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I’ve never had as positive an experience with a product as I have with Fluenz.

J. Roe | Amazon verified purchase

Finally a REAL way to learn a language.

TGun | Amazon verified purchase


The best language learning program I’ve seen.

Dr. Moises Benamor |
Organization of American States

A perfect balance between the beauty of Spanish and a pragmatic approach.

Dana Omran |
World Bank

I was engaged from the very beginning by the honest and real approach.

Maryem Sáder |


Level By Level.

Fluenz Language Immersion

The most intense week of Spanish learning, anywhere.

Every single month Fluenz welcomes some of the most demanding learners anywhere for a week of face-to-face Spanish instruction. While major digital language-learning companies hide behind the screen, we confidently put our methodology to the test. We currently offer Latin American Spanish Immersions in Mexico City every single month and will be opening our Barcelona offering in the future.

Yogi Adriene Mishler from YWA at the Mexico City Fluenz Spanish Immersion.

Organic farmer David Liker at the Mexico City Fluenz Spanish Immersion.


“To use English to teach a foreign tongue? Fluenz says "yes", and trumps Rosetta stone.”

DIFFERENCES IN APPROACHES: Rosetta Stone believes in fully immersing the student in the language, without using any English to explain phrases. Fluenz believes adults learn best when they can relate the grammar and syntax of a foreign language to the structure of the tongue they already know.

THE VERDICT: Fluenz’s approach is much better. Hearing English while going through Italian words helps with learning and retention.

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