Spanish Immersion Barcelona

Six days of the most intensive Spanish anywhere for an exclusive group of learners. A one-of-a-kind experience in Barcelona, Spain.

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Global Spanish
in Barcelona

The Fluenz Immersion

The world’s most acclaimed Spanish Program, taught by polyglot coaches with graduate degrees in linguistics, education, and the humanities.

Real Life Barcelona

Unlike any Immersion in Spain, an insider’s experience for adults passionate about food, style, and Barcelona’s culture.

CNN Global Spanish

Be fluent all over the Spanish-speaking world, from Barcelona to Brooklyn and Buenos Aires.

The Magic
of Barcelona

We stay at a beautifully designed boutique hotel with a strong Catalan identity. Our Spanish work will take place at three unique private homes in the heart of Barcelona. For an entire week, your routine will follow the rhythms and hidden paths of a regular barcelonés.


A Spanish Immersion during six days and seven nights with the most accomplished team of elite, polyglot coaches. Intense one-on-one coaching sessions, real-time monitoring of learner’s progress, recovery time, mindfulness for language learning, and the best Michelin-starred Spanish food.


We’ll host you in some of Barcelona’s foodie meccas, and hard-to-get reservations, and will bring some of the city’s most interesting personalities for talks in Spanish (with consecutive English translation) while sampling the best Catalan wines.


The widely recognized Fluenz Global Spanish program for English-speakers, our flair for luxury hospitality, and the magic of Barcelona, add up to a transformational experience you won’t soon forget.


Monika Valera, Barcelona Head Coach, with Sonia Gil, Fluenz Founder

All levels
of Spanish

The Spanish Immersion

Because every learner is in a different place, we’ll create a bespoke Spanish program for each participant. We assess every participant prior to their arrival in Spain, and create a unique path to fluency for each one.

Bespoke Spanish Program

The individualized program is attuned to each participant’s level of Spanish, and to their specific learning style. We’ll adjust the program in real time depending on each participant’s individual progress towards fluency.

One-on-One Spanish Coaching

Our intense one-on-one and very small group Spanish sessions, along with real-time monitoring of each participant, deliver an unmatched level of intensity and individualized Spanish learning.

CNN Global Spanish

The Spanish spoken all over the world is as varied as that of American regional and British English. Our program is designed for participants to understand and be understood in both Latin America and Spain.


  • A beautifully designed boutique hotel in a legendary building from the 1920s, right in the very heart of Barcelona's Eixample District.
  • Hip, modern, and very Catalan, our lodging includes seven night's accommodation in a Suite level room (a Master Suite with a great patio is available with a supplement).
  • The Barcelona Immersion includes six breakfasts and five lunches that will sample the best of Mediterranean and Catalan culinary traditions (Vegetarian, Vegan, and Pescatarian options).
  • We host a special, seven course meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant.
  • A private driver fetches participants at the airport or the high-speed train station, and back.


The Fluenz Barcelona Immersion has a fee of Euro €5,220 for double occupancy (each participant) and Euro €5,620 for single occupancy in a private suite. Please check the Euro-Dollar conversion, which usually hovers around 1.15 Euros to 1 Dollar. Amounts will be charged in dollars, at an average of monthly exchange rates, rounded up.

Fees include:

  • All instructions and materials throughout the week.
  • Pick-up and drop-off at airport or train station by a private driver.
  • Six breakfasts and five lunches prepared (vegan, vegetarian, lactose and gluten-free, and pescatarian options).
  • A visit to one of the iconic buildings of Barcelona.
  • A series of informal immersion events to practice Spanish.
  • Exclusive 24/7 luxury concierge service for access to Barcelona's top restaurants, local experts, art venues, and architectural landmarks.
  • Life-time access to the comprehensive Fluenz Spanish Digital program ($378 value).

  • A multi-course dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona.
  • Seven nights-accommodation at a Suite level-room in a boutique hotel.
  • A private visit to a Barcelona architectural landmark, private museum, or artist studio.
  • Exclusive talks by the city's leading literary and cultural figures, catered with Catalan wines.
  • Mindfulness sessions by a private Yoga teacher.
  • Personalized Spanish assessment and a custom-made road-map of work prior to the Immersion.

-- Master-suites with a large, outdoor patio (for seven nights) are available with a Supplement of Euro €1,517.


Mar 08 - Mar 15


We're sold out for advanced learners. We have limited availability for beginner and intermediate learners.

Mar 08 - Mar 15

Mar 15 - Mar 22


We're sold out for advanced learners. We have limited availability for beginner and intermediate learners.

Mar 15 - Mar 22


CONTACT US AT OR 877-358-3695

Unique Spanish Instructors


Two graduate degrees in the teaching of second languages. Speaks five languages.


Daniel, BS in Materials Engineering, three-time Latin Grammy-winning musician, three languages.


MA in Education, Universitat de Barcelona, four languages.


MBA, Queensland University of Technology, five languages.


Literary editor and book publisher, three languages.


Simultaneous Interpreter and Translator, three languages.


MA Philosophy of the Mind, University of Edinburgh, four languages.


PhD candidate in Philosophy of Language, The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, three languages.

What makes our coaches truly different is their passion for high-level Spanish tutoring. Their academic and professional credentials would be enough to work anywhere they chose to, yet their passion for high-level Spanish coaching has brought them to Fluenz. Thoroughly trained in the Fluenz Linguistic models, our coaches bring a wealth of unique life experiences and education to each session. They all speak between three and five languages, have advanced degrees in the humanities, the arts, and linguistics, and have traveled all over the world.

Yoga & Spanish

Fluenz is the first organization that recognized the value of Yoga and Mindfulness when learning languages. Our Yoga & Spanish Retreats in Mexico, in association with Yogi Adriene Mishler, have received worldwide media attention.

Our yoga and mindfulness practice in Barcelona will follow our several years’ work looking for ways to open and focus the mind to facilitate the learning of Spanish. Some of the best yogis in Spain will be joining us in our daily journey towards fluency.


For most people around the world Barcelona is one of the world's top tourist destinations. But there is another Barcelona, one found in quiet, leafy neighborhoods, in lesser known theater venues, in people's kitchens and living rooms, and in hundreds of architectural gems that never make it to travel guides. It's a city of aesthetes, conversationalists, unbelievable home chefs, great gardeners. People who, simply put, really know how to live.

From time immemorial the insider's Barcelona has been a place of passage, from France into Spain over the Pyrenees, from every port town on the Mediterranean, from all over Catalan and Spanish towns. This is why for more than a thousand years the city's tradition for hospitality to knowing travelers has been established without par. To live and to learn in the insider's Barcelona, if only for a week, is to partake and to contribute to this unique tradition.

The Best Digital Platform

The Fluenz Spanish 1+2+3+4+5 is widely known as the only option for serious learners of Spanish. There are two versions of the program, one led by founder Sonia Gil, and another one led by Duare Perez, a madrileño graduate of Oxford. Participants in the Barcelona Fluenz Immersion get both programs activated as soon they confirm their reservations.

Fluenz Spanish is one of the the most sophisticated learning platforms anywhere, combining hundreds of of tutorials with an extensive workout platform that takes learners to fluency. Fluenz works seamlessly on computers, mobile phones, and iPads.

The retail value of both programs is US $756.

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of results

Fluenz was founded by Sonia Gil in 2007 with a single idea in mind: create the most memorable language-learning experience anywhere. The first step was to build linguistic models that would trace the path of Spanish and other languages from the point of view of English. This common sense approach led Fluenz to teach languages thinking about the real needs of the English-speakers learning them, rather than from textbooks designed to be sold in every country of the world.

For us, reaching fluency in Spanish is very related to understanding the structures that sustain the language--its bones. Because there is too much in Spanish that is not intuitively recognizable to English-speakers, (i.e. feminine-masculine endings, complex conjugations, subjunctive tenses etc.) we spend a lot of time on helping learners bridge this divide. We believe that to teach Spanish while ignoring its differences with English, is one the biggest obstacle to the learning of the language.

Our immersions are the result of tens of millions of dollars invested in the fine-tuning of our Spanish learning content for English-speakers. We started with a digital platform where over a 100,000 learners have logged in millions of hours, and in 2017 created week-long immersions in Guatemala and Mexico. The result is the most intense week of global Spanish anywhere, where a personalized, bespoke program creates breakthroughs for the Spanish of a few select participants at a time.


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