Discover Mexican Art at the Fluenz Spanish Immersion

At Fluenz, we take every detail into account in order to make your experience unforgettable. One of the things that makes our Mexico Spanish Immersion so special is the fact that Spanish learning is coupled with a deep dive into the city’s culture. In terms of art, there’s a lot to appreciate in Mexico. Its origins go way back and it has many roots, which is part of what makes it so diverse.

The history of 20th century Mexican art, for example, is one of the most fascinating of modern culture. Frida, the muralists, incredible architects, painters and sculptors forged a unique visual language. The fusion of the European and American avant-garde with the vibrancy of the Mesoamerican, Spanish colonial, and 19th century  Mexican art, gave birth to works that will never be forgotten. 

The catch is that you have to come to Mexico City to see the best of it. So, if you love art and are anxious to take your Spanish to the next level, join one of our Fluenz Immersions—it’s the best Spanish Immersion you’ll find.