The entire Fluenz journey: a multi-device App + Full Spanish Immersions

Learning a language is hard, and from our experience we know that games, fads or free Apps won’t be able to get you to the level of fluency you’re striving for. That’s why we’ve been perfecting the Fluenz learning sequences for more than a decade. We’ve spent thousands of hours deciding which is the best word and the right structure you should learn, and when. 

Our digital App and global Spanish Immersions will help assemble every piece of a puzzle that allows you to put together the new language in your mind. Our path through Spanish, and the other six languages we teach, has been carefully calibrated to address the unique challenge English-speakers face when learning a language.

The Fluenz program works because it’s been built from an English point of view. This means that as you learn the new language, we anticipate what’s going to be simple and where you’re going to have questions; what’s likely to block your fluency and which tips and tricks are going to allow you to flow. 

Imagine how different it would be to write a Mandarin program for Japanese speakers, or Spanish for Italian speakers. Now imagine how inefficient it would be to have a language-learning program that didn’t care what your native language was. 

The Fluenz system, on our Apps or at our Immersions, makes a difference because it is entirely based on the specific needs and advantages English-speakers have when learning a language. 

If you always wanted to learn a language but found it extremely difficult to make progress, you should check us out.