The Fluenz Spanish Immersion hosts amazing dinners at Pujol restaurant

At the Fluenz Spanish Immersion we have a special relationship with food. Not only do we have a private chef on the premises to cook up exquisite meals, we also have a special outing on Wednesdays to world-renowned Pujol restaurant. 

The most widely recognized global ranking of restaurants considers Pujol to be the best place to eat in all of North America. It’s also one of the toughest reservations to get anywhere, but at the Fluenz Spanish Immersion, our participants have the chance to enjoy a seven-course dinner with wines at the Chef’s table. This is a rare window into this slice of Mexican culture, and it’s not something everyone gets to experience. That’s why every time we go, we savor every minute of it. 

These evenings are quite peculiar, and even without the accolades, or the unique dishes we sample, they always turn into an amazing dinner.

Imagine learning Spanish in one of the best Immersion programs in the world and having dinner at one of Mexico’s top restaurants. One can’t go without the other.