The secret sauce for the best Spanish Classes

At the Fluenz Spanish Immersion in Mexico City we know what makes for the best classes. The teachers of course.

And what makes for an amazing Spanish language teacher? It has plenty to do with their understanding of both Spanish and English, the way they can explain something, their ability to lead and inspire, but the secret sauce is who they are. Aurelia Cortes is a widely published poet, literary translator, blogger, and non-fiction writer. Because she combines her literary calling with her coaching at the Fluenz Immersion, we’re certain her classes are unlike any you’ve ever experienced. On Saturday and Sunday she’ll be working on her new poetry book, or translating a 19th century American author into Spanish. By Monday, she’ll be walking you through por and para, or the complexities of the subjunctive. By lunch time she’ll be talking about the Mexico City poetry scene. ….

Fall is in full swing. Imagine working with Aurelia at the Fluenz Spanish Immersion and sharing her incredible stories this October in Mexico City.