The Spanish Immersion takes a peek into the world of Frida Kahlo

We believe that learning Spanish involves so much more than just sitting down in a classroom. That’s why at the Fluenz Spanish Immersion we are constantly trying to get our groups to connect with the city and we take them to visit some of its most remarkable spots. 

Casa Azul is definitely one of our favorite places. This striking blue house was Frida Kahlo’s birthplace, the home where she grew up, where she lived with her husband Diego Rivera and where she later died. It’s exciting to share the art, wisdom and phenomenal contributions of this celebrated woman with our participants every week. 

When you come to one of our Fluenz Spanish Immersions, you’ll be able to see for yourself just how special this house really is. This museum —filled with artwork, photographs and personal mementos—is a window into the private universe of two of Mexico’s most famous artists.