We can’t wait to open up our Spanish Immersions in Oaxaca!

Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets. It’s a culturally rich and diverse region with lots of charm and fantastic food: the perfect setting to learn Spanish. Inspiration is all around, it’s in the air, and our Fluenz Spanish Immersions are even more magical because of it. 

After our acclaimed Immersions in Antigua, Guatemala and Mexico City, we brought our coaches and methodology to this mesmerizing southern state, creating a unique six-day curated experience that includes top chefs, hidden restaurants, mezcal makers and artisans.  

Imagine starting your Spanish journey in an enchanting boutique hotel with the best Spanish instructors in the world. You’ll also have exciting evening and day programs that will give you the chance to explore some of Oaxaca’s foodie meccas, as well as its cultural treasures. 

As all our Spanish Immersions, our Spanish Immersion in Oaxaca is tailored to your needs. Before you arrive, your personalized program will be ready, and as we watch over you progress, we’ll make daily adjustments to assure the best possible path to fluency. Sound like a plan?

We can’t wait to open our Spanish Immersions in Oaxaca! We hope you’ll join us.